Sacred Connections
Highland Perthshire, Scotland

Sunset over Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland

Sacred Connections provides information on Scotland's hidden past, Celtic history, sacred mysteries, earth energies, spirituality, holistic health and new economics. Sacred Connections also provides talks and guided tours to sacred sites in Highland Perthshire, Scotland.

The Wave of the Future
The Spiritual Truth of the Light and Sound Teachings and the true Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Were Jesus & Mary Magdalene on the Holy Isle of Iona?
(Extracted from "Vision of Albion: The Key to the Holy Grail" together with new additional material)

UK Column Live - Launching the campaign to bring back the Bradbury pound (video)

Scotland and its Money

This is an insightful, realistic and practical economic and political analysis written 20 years ago,
the correct application of which is vital to the betterment of present day humanity

DVD: The historical & spiritual destiny of the sacred British Isles
(A 90 minute illustrated presentation by Barry Dunford)

To view two 10 minute clips:

YouTube (clip 1) YouTube (clip 2)


Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Christ Family
in the Holy Land of Britain

Barry Dunford

Vision of Albion front cover

Published December 2008

This revealing and extensively documented book has an important message for these times of transition. The British Isles have a vital part to play in the evolution of humanity on this planet as we move towards 2012 and beyond.

Contents include:
The spiritual role of the sacred isles of Britain in world history
Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene on Iona?
Was there a female Apostolic succession?
Pontius Pilate and the ancient yew at Fortingall
Rosslyn Chapel and the Rose lineage of Christ
Does Edinburgh contain a geomantic ground plan for the New Jerusalem?
The mysterious Mount Heredom and the White Isle of Shambhala

"I am so grateful to you for the years you have spent researching this material and putting it together. What a great compendium of sources and esoterica generally unavailable to those of us interested in the holy land of Scotland and the British Isles! It is a very important resource. I was overwhelmed - could hardly put it down! It was absolutely fascinating. The world needs your scholarship and your commitment to wisdom and truth." - Laura Dunham, USA

"We love your books and DVD. Thanks so kindly for all your wonderful work."
Mary and Michael Dawson, New Zealand

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  "The Holy Land of Scotland: Jesus in Scotland and the Gospel of the Grail"
(Published 2002)
This book is an indepth historical research work which reveals the hidden roots of Jesus and the Holy Family, including the Jesus and Mary Magdalene Holy Grail Bloodline; the Holy Land in the British Isles and the long term role and strategy of the anti-Christ forces.

Please note: this book is now out of print.

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